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Pta mobile registration check

pta mobile registration check

To get a Certificate of Compliance for your unregistered device, please make sure you have the following documents ready In order to get your COC for your mobile device, click here. For first-time users, you will be required to visit this page and provide your information detailed in the steps below. To sign up, you will be required to select your Purpose and User Type as seen in the screenshot below :. Once you have completed the process of providing your details, you will receive an email from the PTA Device Registration System on the provided email address.

You will be required to enter your Email ID and Password. After clicking on Login, you will be shown a Declaration Form. Please read through the conditions and click affirm to proceed with the Device Registration.

On Submission, the confirmation is received from PTA website regarding status of the handset Handset is already registered. An error message will appear at the right corner of your screen. SMS When the application is submitted:. You have 18 days to get it registered.

Follow the verification process below to avoid device blocking. You have received a notification from PTA about the handset being non-compliant. You are an inbound traveler with a handset that requires registration and clearance for customs.

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Required Documents: To get a Certificate of Compliance for your unregistered device, please make sure you have the following documents ready You have now successfully completed your handset registration with PTA. Of the five devices that can be registered.PTA mobile phone registration system was introduced in Pakistan is on of the largest countries where phone users are increasing day by day. Unfortunately, Government received a number of complaints regarding illegal mobiles working in Pakistan.

According to the procedure, you need to pay tax on imported phones. But there were a huge number of imported devices working in Pakistan without paying duties. So to curb down illegal mobile phone importPTA introduced mobile phone registration system.

You can also check phone registration status by visiting the following link. Once you submit phone duty in banks, the process of phone registration in PTA will begin.

How to Register Mobile Phone in PTA ?

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How to Register your Mobile Phone Online with PTA

Phone Bech Dou - July 16, 0. Supreme Court suspends service charges on mobile cards Prepaid users will get RsYou all must have known by now about the message that is circulating around Pakistan.

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We have made a list. IMEI is a specific identity number provided to each mobile phone. It is similar to a model number but the only difference is that IMEI is different for each mobile in this world.

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Once the number appears on the screen, note it down somewhere safe. Here is how they can do it. There is no way to unblock PTA blocked smartphones. However, some users have reported that they were able to unblock the phones. We asked them about how they did it. Here are the solutions. You can try them and see if you are in luck. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Spread the love. Please enter your comment!

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pta mobile registration check

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Is it working now? I just paid mine and it still dosent work yet. Please help keh apka kab tak hogaya tha? I just paid mine. Please let me know apka kab tak chala tha? Mine isnt working yet. Plz register my mobile If they need tax so tell me.

I have dual imei one approved and the other one non compliant what should I do,????? Hello, kindly help me i want to register my phone in PTA.

pta mobile registration check

Mn apna mobile register Karna chata hn kesy kroon? Tell me plz what is procedure to pay in bank. Through form or another mathed. When i try to sign up, message appeared that this Passport already exit. I think someone used my passport number and availed free one mobile registration in the year facility. Please advise how to rectify this issue. Pakistan main one sided system ha band hota ha magar open ni kar skte in ka zoor sirf gareeb logon pe chalta ha i have RS mobile and its tax is RS this govt is not fair with us.

Jab hm ne tex pey kar deya he to mobael opan q nahe karte plz ab opan kar de. Breaking News. PTA has launched an online Mobile Phone Registration System to facilitate travelers; overseas Pakistanis and foreign visitors so they can easily register their mobile devices to be used in Pakistan.Update: It is very easy to check and register your mobile phone with PTA now.

All you have to do is to download the PTA app and submit information related to the phone. Once its done, they will issue a challan number which could easily be paid online through mobile banking. Once the last step is completed, your phone will be registered. In order to register, the devices, write IMEI of your mobile and send it to Install the app and write your IMEI in the application search box and click the submit button.

It will tell you after checking that whether your mobile device is registered from PTA or not. The IT Ministry will decide the new deadline of blocking unregistered mobile phones. If you are wondering if your phone would be verified by PTA. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to avoid any blockage of cellular services. As per the PTA, only registered mobile phones and GSM devices would remain functional after the deadline, and other devices will be blocked.

If you are apple users and wish to keep using your iPhone in Pakistan, you have to get your IMEI checked and register your phone as soon as possible. Most of the iPhones are smuggled to Pakistan and will be blocked after the deadline. However uncertainty still prevails with regard to replies, the mobile users have received after sending their mobile phone IMEIs to Update December In recent days, there is a lot of chatter that the Government of Pakistani is considering exempt the taxes from the import of mobile phones but the registration with PTA would be must and no smuggled phone would be allowed to be used in Pakistan.

Note: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA has suspended its decision to block unregistered mobile phones after October 20, and will launch an awareness to educate the public about the implications of the move.

Background: In line with Section 9. The system is designed to achieve the following policy objectives:— a Elimination of all counterfeit, non-standard, duplicate identity IMEI devices from the networks b Support FBR in curbing smuggled mobile devices thereby reducing financial loss to GOP due to tax evasion c To curb security issues occurring due to usage of nonstandard and duplicate IMEI handsets.

However, The federal Cabinet extended the deadline to January 15th, As per directive mobile devices having GSMA valid IMEI connected on local mobile networks for the 1st time after 15th January is required to be registered within 60 days.

All blocked GSMA valid devices will also have this option to register subject to customs duties payment in accordance with FBR rules and regulations. At present, there are three modes of registration available for ease of applicants:— a.

Exception list: Consists of IMEI numbers that do not belong to either white or blacklist, and for which wireless communication is allowed. Such users will require to register the device as per PTA rules, regulations for continuing use of the device. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password.Update 19th March : Considering the extraordinary circumstances caused due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and encourage social distancing, the PTA has announced that it will not block any unregistered phones between 18th March and 18th April, giving all users an extra 30 days to use their device without registering it.

The blocking of unregistered devices will begin again from 19th April, based on the due date for each individual device. Thus, if you had used your unregistered device for 15 days by 18th March, you will have 45 days remaining out of the total of 60 days after 19th April to get it registered with the authority.

Update 6th January : As had been expected at the end ofthe FBR has now decided to reduce the rate of duty being imposed on imported phones in Pakistan. Earlier this year, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA made it mandatory for all mobile phone users in the country to register their phones, whether they are imported or locally purchased.

Keeping in mind the far-reaching impact and the gravity of the situation, PTA mobile registration is seen as the most effective step taken to date by the concerned authority to address and curb the growing menace of mobile phone smuggling in Pakistan.

As such, every international traveller has to declare the mobile phone in their possession now and get it registered via the PTA mobile registration process if they want to use it with a local sim.

Secondly, the system was also to be used to keep a strict check on the phones being imported and used in Pakistan. This move was aimed at curbing the illegal smuggling of phones into the country, while also boosting tax revenue for the government. Also, the registration of mobile phones with the PTA would make it easier to block stolen phones and prevent them from being sold and used in the black market. A further move was taken to curb the smuggling of phones into the country in Marchwhen the PTA declared that only 5 phones could be imported into the country within a single year for personal use.

If you have bought a phone from abroad and are travelling with it to Pakistan, the first step is to register it with the PTA.

This can be done conveniently at the customs counter at the airport. All international travellers and people returning from international travels to Pakistan are encouraged to voluntarily visit the customs counter to declare any mobile phones that they have brought with them, especially if they plan on using them with a local sim for more than 60 days. You can pay your dues immediately to register your phone.

If you choose not to register your phone at the airport, then you can follow the same process at the franchises of all major cellular operators in the country. The given PSID will be valid for seven days after it is generated. You will need to generate a new one online if your payment is delayed for more than a week. International travellers should keep in mind that they are only required to register their phones if they plan on using a local sim in their phone for more than 60 days.

You will then need to create a username and password for your account, as well. Step 3: Log in to the website using the username and password for the account you have just created.

Step 4: Submit an application for a COC. Step 5: You will get a response from PTA on your registered email address and the contact number you mentioned on the registration form.

The communication will include a unique PSID along with details of the duty that you are supposed to pay for your phone.Pta mobile registration check is very common in Pakistan.

How to Register your mobile phone with PTA [Step by Step Guide]

Due to strict fbr mobile tax policy and pta mobile registration via dirbs system, people do not import phones illegally. There is huge number of devices which are not imported through legal gateway.

Now, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked all such mobile devices. Since pta has launched mobile registration program, there are a lot of queries and questions people want to ask. Moreover, relevant authorities also do not pick calls.

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There are all complaints I have read on various channels. In some cases, I have got to know that people buy imported phones from local retailers without noticing that phone is pta verified or not. Some shopkeepers are selling freshly import stock of mobile phones. Always remember! New imported device remain active for 60 days.

If pta tax is not paid in 2 months, mobile phone is blocked by pta. Pta ensures that every phone working in Pakistan is registered in its system.

PTA Mobile Registration Check online and mobile phone tax list FAQs Nov,2019

It is also important because people import expensive mobile phones without paying fbr mobile tax. So, make it sure, your every device is registered with pta to avoid any kind of problem. Pta dirbs system works on an online system that registers every device which pays pta mobile tax fee according to fbr mobile tax list within 24 hours. In such case do not waste time with pta because fbr is the sole authority that can tell you mobile tax related queries.

As I have explained earlier, pta has given an extension of 60 days to every imported device. So you can use local sim too for 60 days only. Pta ensures that both charges should be same. If due to any error, there is difference, visit nearest fbr office with your psid slip.

No, there is no discount on it. But yes, if someone waits for 60 days and register phone after given time, such user will pay extra fbr duty and tax.

pta mobile registration check

No, there is no such way. You can go to nearest mobile franchise along with your personal credential valid documents. Concern person will remove such device from the system which is registered on your data.

It happens when someone else has registered the device with given imei no. Despite of Wednesday, April 15, Home Breaking News. November 19, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.